Romantic Comedy Announces Launch of New Website Dedicated to this Genre

The movie genre of the Romantic Comedy has fallen to the eighth most popular genre in the United State, bringing in an estimated $137 million in 2016. But that’s not stopping a new website dedicated to celebrating the genre from issuing a call to action for rom-com lovers everywhere to rally and gush about their favorite movies and books. The Romantic Comedy website has been created to stir the heart strings, tickle the funny bone and kindle a spirit of hope in romantics everywhere. 

“Our new website is designed to bring romantic comedy lovers together to discuss movies, love stories, human nature and more,” stated Romantic Comedy, Inc. spokesperson Kristin Larsen. “The world needs more love. We hope our website and forum brings those with the same ideals together to spark more joy in the world.”

The new website not only provides information on old and new movies in this genre, but also provides a forum, shop and a place to register and receive information regarding the topics being discussed. Profiles of rom-com book authors will also appear on the site. Authors are welcome to reach out if they’d like to be interviewed. It is truly a one-stop-shop for any rom-com lover.

“Our hope is that it becomes a sort of rom-com hub,” Larsen continued. “We plan to update it regularly and provide insightful and informative topics related to the subject.”

For those who love romantic comedies, they aren’t going to find a more complete website than what is offered here. This site is designed to suit the demands of this genre and ensure everyone who visits is sure to love it more than Bridget Jones loves Mark Darcy.


The plot revolves around the love that blooms between two protagonists and the theme typically explores an issue with that love or the comedic circumstance that get in the way, including love triangles, forbidden love, or comedic misunderstandings. These films often evoke strong emotions and can explore human nature, which is why all types of people are drawn to them. 

ABOUT ROMANTIC COMEDY, INC. is a fan-created website focused on the Romantic Comedy genre. It is designed to provide a place for fans to discuss their favorite stories, movies and books with other comedy-loving, lovesick, and soft-hearted individuals. The blog posts and forums are updated regularly. This is the perfect site for any rom-com fanatic to gather and talk. Visitors to the site will quickly see it is designed to be easy to use and provides information on the topics they care about most. All rom-com, all the time.

Tamika Holmes
Romantic Comedy, Inc.

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